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In an osteopathic approach,
the body is treated as a whole
Rehabilitation through comprehensive
action allows you to get the maximum
physical fitness
Maternal care of pregnant women - prophylactic
effects as well as therapeutic
We care about the proper development
of the youngest patients
Help to treat dysfunction
of the pelvic floor area
Exercises tailored to your needs
in the field of rehabilitation,
Pileates or yoga
Relieve swelling
Perfect relaxation and unwinding for tired muscles
Assists the rehabilitation process
We know that eating nutritious
food helps you to get back to health

Welcome to Be Active

We specialize in osteopathy, rehabilitation, massage and dietetics.

All you need is in Be Active. Our licensed physical therapists are here to meet your individual, specialized needs. Make an appointment and find out how we can help you.

Have you had injuries?

Afraid to go back to exercising?

Be smart. We invite you for practical workouts or Pilates exercises under the guidance of our physiotherapists. Be Active instructors will show you how to practise safely and get right back into shape.

How about relaxation?

Do you need some time to relax after a hard day, or are you here for a short time and would like a solid dose of massage for your tired body? Be Active PREMIUM massage – 120 minutes - is just for you!

Welcome to Be Active for a relaxing massage. If you want, you can make an appointment for two people at the same time, so call and book.

In addition, Be Active – dietary consultations: setting up the nutritional plans personalized to the needs of the patient, as well as support weight loss, and proper diet therapy.

Choose what is the most important for you – we will do the rest.

Booking online visits to our Be Active therapists in Krakow


Certified osteopath mgr Maria Lenart Korczyk

Medical consultation, rehabilitation, osteopathy.

Online registration


Physical Therapist mgr Katarzyna Kowalczyk, Pilates instructor

Rehabilitation, osteopathy, classical massage, relaxation, Be Active Premium.

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Physical Therapist mgr Adam Kuk

Medical consultation, rehabilitation, osteopathy, classical massage, relaxation, Be Active Premium, lymphatic drainage.

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TMotion Therapy mgr Aleksandra Uruszczak

Therapeutic yoga, postnatal yoga, Shantala massage.
For individual or group classes, call or send an email. We will reply and arrange the time that suits you best.

+48 506 337 059


Nutritional Advisor Adriana Kwiatkowska

Dietary consultations, setting up nutritional plans tailored to the needs and preferences of the patient, assisted therapy with a suitable diet, assisting the weight loss process.

Online registration

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If you wish to make an appointment on the same day as the visit - registration is possible only by phone: +48 122 121 844.

Confirming visits in Be Active.

A day before the appointment, a computerized text message with the reminder is sent. In addition, the reception of Be Active, the day before the appointment calls again to confirm your visit. The call is made from service numbers and you cannot make a return call.

If you wish to contact us, make an appointment, confirm or cancel your visit, please use only the phone number for registration: +48 122 121 844

You can also write to us by email:


Welcome to our new location of Be Active Physical Therapy Center, in a short distance from our prior location. The new place is situated at ul. Zachodnia 7/5A, 30-350 Krakow in the district of Ruczaj, opposite the ZACHODNIA bus stop (from ul. Kobierzyńska).

We look forward to your comments, and suggestions. Contact us using the form below, or simply call.


Be Active Maria Lenart-Korczyk
ul. Zachodnia 7/5A, 30-350 Kraków - Ruczaj

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Be Active Physical Therapy Center is open from Monday to Friday, from 7:00-21:30
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