Our help is focused around three areas of life improvement

  • DIAGNOSIS - finding the real source of pain or disfunction

    Consultation with a specialist of osteopathy, rehabilitation or speech pathologist

  • THERAPY rehabilitation, osteopathy, neurology

    Pain release as a key factor to a better life (hands-on osteopathic treatments and physiotherapy, personalized training, therapy with speech pathologist, electro stimulations)

  • LIFE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT – prophylactics and relaxation

    Exercises supporting therapy, relaxation massages, KOBIDO massage, training with physiotherapist, group classes like yoga, Pilates, antistress, active Senior or healthy spine


Centre of Osteopathy, Rehabilitation and Massage Ul. Zachodnia 27/1/2 30-350 Kraków

Infants, children, adults, pregnant and post-partum women are welcome at our centre.

Our main specialty areas are osteopathy and rehabilitation. Osteopathy recognizes, treat impairments and restore body functions. Physical therapy with its holistic principles treats the body by the physical movements.

There are pediatric physiotherapies dedicated to babies and children such as baby Bobath® therapy, feet therapy, Speech therapy for the natives and bilingual children, physical corrective exercises classes, nutritional advisory, babywearing CLAUWI® advisory, classes with yoga instructor, or personal trainer.

At Be Active are highly trained specialists who are well versed in their scope of practice. They specialize in TMJ disorder therapy, urogynecology rehabilitation, immobilization, injury, prevention of restraint injury, lymphedema therapy, training that is tailored to your unique needs and goals, KOBIDO, classical, or relaxation massage. Our therapies and classes are meant to empower you towards self-management, prevention and to promote physical activities. Therapists are fully engaged to help you achieve wellbeing and functional movement that is crucial to your quality of life.

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Monday-Friday 7:00 - 21:00

Saturday 7:00 - 14:30


Do you really want us to

really help you?

really help you?


An in-depth diagnosis minimalizes visits and costs.


Careful examination helps discover the source of pain or dysfunction.


Working with symptoms are the first steps to regain health and fitness.


Osteopathy treatments and physiotherapy are adjusted to the given ailments.


Our team with various specialties provides you with comprehensive help at one place.


We work with infants, children, and adults. Kids’ corners at our centre make your children feel like at home.


We create a friendly atmosphere.

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If you are not sure whether we can help you- request a free consultation during which we will tell you how we may help you and how long it may take to regain your health and fitness.

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Be Active, ul. Zachodnia 27/1/2, 30-350 Kraków

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